Frequently Asked Questions

What is topshelf?

You're standing in someone else's bathroom and can't help but take a look at the shelf. "Uh, interesting, my friend is using the new Rare Beauty Blush". "Wow, she has the BHA liquid, I really must ask her what she thinks of it." We all know and love the feeling of exchanging ideas. But unfortunately this only ever happens by chance. That's exactly what we want to change and bring to the digital space - your digital bathroom shelf topshelf.

How does it work?

It's easy: create your beauty profile in the app, set up your topshelf and rate your products. You can then browse through your friends' shelves and find out which products they love. And that's not all: you can of course not only follow your friends, but also other topshelf users with similar beauty profiles so that you always get the best product recommendations.

What are my advantages?

Whenever you upload products to your topshelf and rate them, you will receive valuable ✨Sprinkles✨: You can then exchange them for great rewards, competitions and discounts.

We are a beauty brand. Can I work with you guys?

Of course, the best thing to do is to send us an e-mail at There you will be helped directly.

I am a content creator. Are you interested in a collaboration?

With pleasure! Contact us at and we'll get back to you.

When are you going live?

We can't wait either. Sign up for our waiting list and be the first to know.